Youtube Music Desktop Application for Windows, Mac and Linux

Atraci is a new open-source desktop media player that uses YouTube’s huge database of music and the matching search for albums through and SoundCloud to turn it into the world’s biggest on-demand music streaming service for the desktop.

You can search for any song, artist name or album. The application checks the search term against online listings to show correct title, album artwork, track lists and so on, with listed options being the highest quality video streams it can find. Atraci's smart matching association makes it such a compelling application. It makes using YouTube as a music source and library with millions of albums.

Key Features

Autosuggestible Album and artists
Sort results by ‘default’, ‘artist’ or ‘track’
Switchable results' view in ‘grid’ or ‘list’ layouts
Accompanying video can be made full screen
‘Shuffle’ and ‘Repeat’ options
Create playlists
In-built Volume slider, track scrubber and album artwork.

Atraci Website