Best flat-file (CMS) Content Management Systems

Flat file CMS systems are content management systems that require no database at all. The datas are stored in xml files or text files. Flat file based CMS increases the performance of websites unlike the db based CMS.

Pulse (Paid)

Pulse provide no database website management system. You can also convert your existing static site to responsive cms using Pulse.

CMSimple (Free)

CMSimple is a open source CMS which require no database.

Kirby (Paid)

File based CMS.

Satcey (free)

Opensource lightweight CMS. Manage contents by creating folders and editing text files.It not provide admin interface and login screen.

Nesta CMS

A Ruby CMS build with sinatra web framework. Everything stored in HTML files. It support semantic HTML5..

Sitemagic CMS (free)

You can create and edit page using page editor. manage files and folders online. Customize your website design using CSS designer.

Cushy CMS (paid)

It does not require PHP or ASP. You does not need any programming knowledge.

GetSimple CMS (free)

Opensource XML based cms which provide huge collection of plugins and multi language support.

Surreal CMS (Paid)

Simple content management system. Easily integrate your existing site.

tesTPress (Free)

SIte uses text files as a storage. You can build blogs. It also include SEO settings.

Pico (Free /Paid)

You can build blogs. It also include SEO settings.

Mapix CMS (free)

XML based content management system.

PHP Nanomus (free)

Mini content management system without database.

gpEasy CMS (Free)

PHP based open source CMS which use WYSIWYG editor and flat file storage.

SkyBlueCanvas (free)

It provide themes, Add-on support and Admin interface.

Pluck (free)

Create blog, pages, album and contact forms.

razor CMS

Databaseless CMS.

A Micro CMS (Free)

Opensource flat file system.Create HTMl 5 web standard web pages. Password protected publishing option. It provide friendly urls, You can edit stylesheet in admin interface.

SmartyCMS (free)

Easy to use PHP framework for developers.

editEase (free)

jQuery based CMS.

nc-cms (free)

It provide both mySql and flat file system support.


Simple content editor running PHP5.

Zimplit CMS (Free)

Opensoure content management system which maintain all datas in HTML pages.

WebYep (free)

This CMS does not require a database server. It also provide Dreamweaver and RapidWeaver plugins.

TinyCMS (Free)

Opensource, flat files, plugins, themes, supports multilanguage

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