Ayyan Ayyan Ayyappa

Ayyan Ayyan Ayyappa Swamy Villali Veeranam Ayyappa Songs Lyrics : Tharangini Album 7 by KJ Yesudhas

Ayyan Ayyan Ayyappa Swamy
Villali Veeranam Ayyappa
Malai Maamalai Neelimalai Maelae
Sabharimalai Maelae Vazhgindra
Kaliyuga Varatha Ayyappa
Kaanagha Vaasa Ayyappa
Saranam Saranam Saranam Saranam Bhava Saranam
Bhava Saranam Swami En Saranam
Paerilla Thoerae Sakaloerum Yaarkkum
Paerundu Endral Ondraeyaagum
Athu Un Naamam Ayyappa Naamam
Annaamam Ondrae Naavil Undu Swami (Annaamam )

Mathamaargha Paethangal Illaiyandro Yaarkkum
Mathamondru Endraal Ondraeaagum
Athu Bhakthar Ennum Mathamandroe
Avvarivu Ondrae Manthil Undu – Swami (Avvarivu)

Maargagal Eththanai Thaan Kaanagaththil
Yaarkkum Elatchiyam Endral Ondrae Yaagum
Athu Unthan Punniya Sannithaanam
Sannithi Ondrae Manathil Undu-Swmai (Sannithi)


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