How digitally designed graphics helps business growth.

Do you know that signs are highly effective in marketing your business? Your on-premise business signage should mark its location, help in identifying your brand, convey the right image of your company and most importantly, it should communicate your potential consumers that what you are selling. Keep on reading to find out the potential of a business display in marketing your business.

Attract New Customers

According to researches 85% of potential customers reside or have their workplaces within a five-mile radius of your business. However, according to the data provided by US Census Bureau, around 18.6% of the population relocates every year.  This implies that you are likely to lose customers each year and it is essential to compensate the loss with new clients, not only to sustain your business but to flourish it as well. Now, the easiest, quickest and most economical way of attracting new potential customers is with the signage. It has been estimated that 7% growth in sales can result in 124% increase in business profit. So, it is crucial to attract new customers to boost the profitability of your business and installation of signage is the best option to establish the purpose.

According to a study conducted by the University Of San Diego School Of Business Administration, only a business sign and no other forms of advertisement was solely responsible for driving ten new clients in a single week to a particular retail store. And amazingly, amongst those ten individuals, at least six were turned into potential consumers.

Plays Crucial Role in Branding Business

When your business tops the preference of majority of consumers while they are looking for any service or product at a particular location, then you have said to have achieved "top-of-mind awareness". As mentioned before, 85% of your customers reside or work within a five-mile radius of your business. While commuting to and from school, work or shopping centers, the consumers will pass your business location around 50 to 60 times a month. Signage as an integral part of your overall marketing strategy will help your business to build top-of-mind awareness by commanding the attention of consumers effectively every time they pass your site of business. Hence, it will play a decisive role in reinforcing your brand.

It is essential to include the business name, logo, catch phrase, any specific color used by your brand in the signage as it helps in business recognition and successful branding.

Branding Business that Offers Specialized Products

It is essential for businesses that offer specialized services or products to create top-of-mind awareness, so that consumers are going to think about your product first when looking for specific business types similar to yours. Examples of such businesses are appliance and electronics stores, veterinarians, medical and dental offices, accounting firms, locksmiths and bookkeeping firms. These are few types of businesses that are required to focus highly on branding. Now, to reinforce branding, the signage should project the right image, so that the consumers can recall the image when needs arise. Remember that when a consumer walks through the door of your business, it is applied that he or she has noticed the business sign, found it relevant to what he is looking for and developed an opinion about your business and has walked in.

Studies suggest that electronic signs showing variable message are very effective in creating a long-lasting effect on the mind of the consumers. People will take a look at the sign each time they pass to find out what new message it is displaying.

Create Impulse Sales

Well-designed displays mounted at the storefront are highly effective at influencing the buying habits of customers.  It has been found that a good population of consumers has the ability to afford money to buy products, but they do not have enough time to search for your business. They are likely to stop at shops that they found impressive and selling what they are looking for. And a signage is highly effective in enticing impulsive customers successfully to stop at a store and to make a purchase.

Best Buy found that around 17% of its clients are people who have no intention to shop but stepped inside their store as they were lured by the appealing view of the signage.

Another instance is the Belmont Auto Spa in California. The business was not making enough profit as expected. Its original sign, though expensive and perfectly positioned, lacks the desirable visual appeal. The poor color contrast of the display prevented the product from standing out from the background. Moreover, it could not be read or seen from a distance. The owner then decided to invest $15,000 in designing a new pole sign. The attractive pictorial graphic with contracting and lively colors boost the recognition of Belmont as a car wash effectively. A reader board was also added to the display to emphasize the specials like detailing.

Amazingly, in the first year only, the new sign boosts the sale of the overall business by 15%, which contributed an additional $135,000.00 - nearly nine times the cost of the display.

Attracts Cars Cruising Down the Street

It is an important fact to consider that a well-designed display offers a great deal of information about your business to people driving down the street. Some of these businesses include gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels and car washes. So, make sure that the first time any individual notices your signage while driving a car, immediately understand your brand message - what you are offering. So, it is important to make your display eye-catching with a simple and brief message that can be read or understood effortlessly. Try to include a familiar or popular keyword, logo or graphic at the top of the sign so that the people driving past your business can relate to it.

If you are not confident enough in designing the signage for your business, you can always hire the service of any professional signage company to create the desirable look of your display. Most business owners are unaware of the fact that they should obtain a permit from the local government to install signage. Now, the sign code and other essentials differ from one city to another. A professional sign company is likely to know the local code or they will check it as part of their work process while developing the sign design for your company.

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